We, the players of Anime Planet, wish to share with you the MUD we have come to hold close to our hearts. Thriving for over 9 years, our friendly staff strives to bring the best elements of the anime and gaming world to life in Anime Planet.

Discover a brand new world. Leave the drab reality behind as you explore regions from notable anime series, meet with people that share the same interests, and recognize a few game references. Popular anime such as Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Trigun, Ghost in the Shell, Ronin Warriors, and many others are referenced throughout the world. Though anime is the primary theme of Anime Planet, you are not required to know anything about it to be successful or have a good time. Jump in and become one of the players; there may not be hundreds of us, but those that are here are more of a family than just nameless faces. If nothing more, it is fun to be in a nice atmosphere with good company!

So, come to Anime Planet and see what we offer. Take part in various types of quests, or party with someone to level up. Experience the thrill of evolving into a Super Saiyan, Super Sailor Senshi, Gundam, or any other of our races, each with their own evolution trees! Take part in pk wars and ctf matches, try our own personal version of 21, or even try one of the simulators to see how tough you really are.

Players have been enjoying all that Anime Planet has to offer for a long time now, you should too! With constant updates and new additions suggested primarily by our player base, there is always something new worth checking out!

Come visit us at animeplanet.co:3334.

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