Builder Application

To inquire about a builder position please note Alpha saying that you are interested; however, before you will be even considered you must meet a few requirements. They are:

  1. You must give Alpha a deposit of 3000 quest points. You will get this back along with a large bonus upon completion of your area.
  1. Before you are an official builder you must make a 5 vnum mini area. Parameters for the mini area will be listed below. This is to help get you familiar with building.
  1. After your test area is completed, I need an "application" emailed to Alpha (moc.oohay|emirpahplanogrene#moc.oohay|emirpahplanogrene).

This application must include:

# Your name (character name not real name)
# The name and level range of your new area
# A summary of what your area will include (gkill/ekill/nkill mobs, special equipment, special mini-quests, etc)
# Finally how big of an area you are going to make (number of vnums and they must ALL be used)

Mini Area Parameters

  1. 5 rooms with full descriptions
  2. 1 exit connected with a door
  3. 5 mobiles with full descriptions and proper resets
  4. 5 objects all reset properly in a room or on a mobile
  5. Atleast 5 resets

Upon completion of the mini-area it will be evaluated and Alpha will give his critique. Assuming you met all the parameters, you will be given your very own vnums to start your very first area.

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