In Anime Planet there are seven tiers. This allows you to make your character even more powerful. For more information about the seven tiers and rerolling, see reroll info.

1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier 4th Tier 5th Tier 6th Tier 7th Tier
Mage Wizard Warlock Enchanter Fate Spinner Psychic Telekinetic
Cleric Priest High Priest Cardinal Inquisitor Necromancer Soul Master
Druid Sage Shaman Witchdoctor Elementalist Dark Nymph Shapeshifter
Vampire Lich Wraith Ghost Poltergeist Spectre Primogen
Ranger Strider Hunter Tracker Marksman Rogue Cosmos
Recruit Soldier Commando Specialist Champion Terminator Destroyer
Thug Mercenary Assassin Hitman Mafia Don Godfather Kingpin
Monk Acolyte ZWarrior Sensei Master Sensei Shaolin Monk Buddha
Padawan Padawan Learner Apprentice Jedi Jedi Knight Jedi Master Jedi Council Member
/\ /\ /\ /\ Sith Sith Lord Emperor
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