Druids are the protectors of nature. Some spend their lives in forests, others in deserts, and some still in seas or mountainous regions. Where a druid can be closer to nature and life than to the constructs of mortals, that druid can be happy. They control a very powerful blend of magic, potent healing spells with devastating combat spells, but they don't have transportation spells, as druids are not wont to travel. They aren't always well suited for it.

The following list contains the FIRST TIER spells/skills. As you advance in the tiers, you may gain new spells and skills that are not on this list.

Level Skills
1 dagger, mace, polearm, scrolls, staves, wands
5 rub
9 dirt kicking
13 meditation
17 kick
20 untangle
25 second attack
34 fast healing
45 counter
160 thaumaturgy
Level Spells
2 faerie fire
3 create water
5 continual light
7 create food
8 cure light
9 farsight
10 refresh
11 create rose, detect poison, earthquake
12 magic missile
14 blindness
15 floating disc, iceshield
16 bless, cure blindness
18 faerie fog, infravision
19 protection evil, protection good, protection neutral
20 colour spray
21 detect magic , temper
22 chill touch
23 armor, burning hands
24 create spring, cure serious
25 detect invis, fireshield, tsunami
26 detect hidden, fireproof, haste
27 know alignment, poison
30 flamestrike, identify
31 weaken
32 cure disease
33 cure poison
35 dispel evil, dispel good, dispel neutral, locate object, shockshield
36 dispel magic
37 cure critical, enchant weapon
38 curse, enchant armor
39 invisibility, plague
40 sanctuary
42 lightning bolt
43 firestorm
44 fireball
45 gate
46 calm, cancellation
49 remove curse
50 detect trap, barkskin
51 summon
52 recharge
53 transport
54 acidshield
55 heal, acid rain
57 pass door
66 fly, slow
67 typhoon
80 shield
85 mass healing, geyser
90 stone skin, Flamethrower, Razor Leaf
93 acid blast
95 conjure
100 manashield
160 acid wave
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