Monks are masters of unarmed combat, but are capable of defending
themselves with a weapon if the need calls for it.

The primary skills for a monk are bare-handed abilities, allowing them to
punch and kick their way to victory. While unarmed, monks get a damage
multiplier of 1. 25 in order to compete with the damage that a weapon would
cause. When the needs arises, a monk can wield a weapon and use some
weapon-based abilities, but with only the base damage that would normally be
caused. Monks also have a variety of sneaky abilities to get the upper hand
against foes that they might normally have problems facing.

The following list contains the FIRST TIER spells/skills. As you advance in the tiers, you may gain new spells and skills that are not on this list.

Level Skill
1 flail, grapple, hide, peek, scrolls, staves, swap, sword
5 dirt kicking, rub, trip
6 sneak
9 lore
10 enhanced damage
15 counter
18 awareness, second attack
19 parry
20 untangle
21 elbow, knee, kick
25 settrap, pdart
45 third attack
52 gouge
55 whirlwind
57 disable
60 neckthrust, flurry, dropkick
68 snare
70 dodge, feign death
75 fourth attack
79 fade
85 fifth attack
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