• Over 1,000 levels to be attained with our unique, 7-tier system that not only makes the adventure last longer, but lets you try out all the classes and races, not bound to any of them for the first few tiers.
  • Many original zones like Moogle Village, Alien vs. Predator, Home for Infinite Losers, and Hellsing Manor paired with familiar friends like the Drow City, New Thalos, the Holy Grove, and the Shire.
  • An expanded questing system. There are three types of quests: regular, pluto, and hitman.
    • Regular: Kill or find X in the room Y in the zone Z.
    • Pluto: Someone is threatening Sailor Pluto with vile rumors. Find the Gossip and stop the nasty rumors from spreading!
    • Hitman: Eli needs a hired hand to take care of a pest, and he's hired you for it. Available to 4th tier and higher characters, you must go through the proper channels of the Underworld and take the pest out, taking a trophy from the body to show Eli that you've done the dirty deed.
  • Tkills, for 4th tier and up. If you've ever played Everquest, then you may be familiar with 'AA' experience. Well, Tkills work in a similar way. Once you hit 4th tier, from then on, if you get more than 10 experience points for a kill, then you're rewarded a tkill. Tkills can be used to "acquire" things like an increase to your stats, mana/hp/power, carrying capacity, magic/melee mod, or a hit/dam buff.
  • We are not an RP-enforced MUD, nor would we be considered an 'RP-encouraged' one. However we are very open to the idea of RP and we do, however, have players who like to RP sometimes. Feel free to do whatever you're most comfortable with. We even put back in a channel used for global RPing instead of using OOC, the gossip channel. PK is optional, but is there and is slowly coming around. We also have an arena for those who want to kill and be killed but not suffer any penalties.
  • Though our immortals are friendly and willing to help, the immortals are not here to hold your hand. Equipment, items, and such things will not be handed to you. If you want it, you have to work for it. In short - the harder you work, the better you are.
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