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Info on the latest AP fashions!
1012by Fishy  (Eternity)Fishy (Eternity)
20 Jan 2008 18:26Jump!
Where to get what.
38by Fishy  (Eternity)Fishy (Eternity)
19 Jan 2008 22:14Jump!
A spiral of energy coalesces into the horizon, creating a new adventure for many. The project being worked on by many people within Anime Planet FOR Anime Planet.
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Ideas to extend what can already be done within Vortex's boundaries. A simple thing from a new area, to complex things like new features all together. Feel free to discuss it logically with other people.
519by ktkaronaktkarona
11 Apr 2008 15:45Jump!
Temple of Anime
A general place to go about discussion with other players. Whether it is about mini-quests placed about the world or global discussion of certain other things, feel free to carry it out here in regards to the MUD or the site.
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Please let us know if there is inaccurate or missing information on any existing pages. Suggestions for new pages are welcome as well.
13by ktkaronaktkarona
16 Jan 2008 03:32Jump!

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