Hey, thanks for checking out my page. ;)

-= Who Are You? =-
I'm Mazer in AP (obviously).
I also have a few alts: Akira, Miro, and Fevir.

-= What Are You, And What Do You Do For AP? =-
I am one of the Imps and coders for AP.
I watch over both mortals and immortals for cheating, which thankfully seems like it's been on a steady decline to near nothingness.
I try to act in an unbiased manor at all times, in hopes to have the best gaming experience for everyone - instead of the best one for myself. (Sometimes I fail…but who's perfect?)
Don't be afraid to let me know if it seems like I'm being unfair. — Don't be surprised if my reply doesn't suit your fancy. Sometimes what is fair to you isn't fair to everyone else.
Overall I try to come up with ideas that I think will make AP a more friendly playing environment, as well as a much more fun playing environment at the same time.

-= What Is Your Favorite Part About AP? =-
My favorite part of AP is the evolution system. Haven't seen anything like it on a lot of different muds, and I *love* it.
Uniqueness is always something I think is a great way to get people to come to and stay on a MUD.

-= How Long Have You Been Playing AP? =-
I have been playing AP for around .. oh, I don't know, maybe 7 years or so? Stopped keeping track.

-= What Are Your Current Goals For AP? =-
I would like to make it so we have more players online at any given time.
I think it's more fun when there are more people around.
I don't like hundreds of nameless faces, but I do like having people around. =)
I also have quite a few large coding projects I want to finish up, including some modifications to PK, and some stuff dealing with Tkills.
Hopefully I can get them finished up in the not-too-distant future!

-= How Long Have You Been Playing MUDs? =-
Well, I can't really say for certain. I started when I was in middle-school on BBS systems..though that's not really a "true" mud.
I guess I started really mudding when I was a freshman in college.
That was 10 years ago.
All in all, I have put in around 20,000 hours or so into mudding since college…sort of insane huh?

-= Is AP Your First MUD? =-
Nope! Actually, I have played on quite a few muds in my life.
I was an Imm for 5 different muds in my mudding career, and the Imp/Owner of two of those 5.
The most notable was EP - or Entropy. It was one of the ones I owned and it was my pride and joy. Tons of pk! :P
Unfortunately, it ran into complications with code and the rights to it - some other ppl thought it was theirs…jerks.
At any rate, it ended up being more of a pain than it was worth, and I left it for AP. =)

-= What Is Your Favorite MUD Client? =-
zMUD. No doubt about it. It's the best client out there IMO, with none even coming close.
I paid 20 bucks for it about 10 years ago — best 20 bucks I have ever spent I think.
I am anxiously awaiting cMUD to arrive and be bug free, as I do think that is the future for mud clients.

-= What Do You Do IRL? =-
I work for Funcom. They are a computer gaming company, and we are about to release a new MMORPG.
It's called Age of Conan, and it's a pretty brutal game.
I basically play the game all day and tell them what is wrong/broken with it and coders go fix the problems.
Check out our game at

-= What Are Your Hobbies? =-
Well, I love coding. It's a great way to do something productive that is using your head.
I love techno music and have bought some stuff to try to start making my own — been kinda lazy about it lately though.
I am into remote control stuff. Anything from planes to cars to helicopters.
I *love* computers. Built tons of them and can't get enough.

-= Got Any Pets? =-
I actually have 5 pets.
They are all cats, though I have nothing against dogs.
They just require someone who isn't lazy and will actually walk them, etc. That's not for me. :P
My favorite pet is named Handsome Daniel! He's King of the WORLD. I love him so much.
Yes, I do have a favorite…and no, that doesn't mean I don't like my others. They are cool too.
Dan is the best though. He's strong, sweet, soft, and stately!
(Yeah, I'm obsessed. I know.)
I am hoping to get a picture of me with him so I can post it up on here.

-= What Kind Of Computer Do You Have? =-
I actually have 5 computers sitting in the room with me right now. That being said, two of them are far superior.

Rig 1 -
Quad-Core QX6850 processor. (3.0 ghz - liquid cooled)
4 Gigs of DDR2 pc8600 Dominator
Geforce 8800 GTX 768 MB RAM (liquid cooled)
Sound Blaster Xtreme-Gamer
2 X 150 gig Raptors
1 X 1 Terabyte HD SATA (3.0 gb/s)

Rig 2 -
Dual-Core E6850 processor. (3.0 ghz)
4 Gigs of DDR3 pc13000
Geforce 8800 GTX 768 MB RAM
Sound Blaster Platinum Pro
3 X 150 Gig Raptors
2 X 500 Gig SATA (3.0 gb/s)

Common -
30" Dell LCD
Razor Lachesis Mouse (4000 DPI)
Logitech Z5500 Speakers

-= How Old Are You? =-
I'm 28. Will be 29 on March 27.
That's a lot of 20's there huh?

-= Random Fact About Me =-
I haven't worn shoes since about the same time I started muds. I have worn Birkenstocks and nothing else - rain, snow, or shine.
Well, for the past Christmas, I got two pairs of shoes…and have actually started wearing them.
It's weird going back to shoes!!

Well, I guess that's all I can think of for now.
See you on AP!

- Mazer

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