Greetings, Anime Planeteers. Here is a current list of things you can do to help the wiki grow:

  • Races: Upload pictures, modify the description, et cetera. Each page has a gallery feature, so at the bottom where the list of tools are, there is a "files" button - click that to open the file manager. Just upload a picture and it'll automatically be added to the gallery. :)
  • Areas: If you have a map you've made, let me (Kemono) know! The more maps and information, the merrier we all are.
  • Wiki Threads: I'm currently trying to work something out that's a little more user-friendly than the current wiki threads, but if you have any information to add to what we have at the moment on the threads, go ahead and post. Once I get a cleaner PHP database up and running, things should be a lot smoother as far as submitting information about equipment, weapons, and items.
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