Amano is an enigma. He doesn't really look like a hero or anything special like that. In the style of Yoshitaka Amano, he is a very feminine and petite being, standing at 5'6 and weighing just over 100 pounds. His hair is long and dark and his eyes gleam an emerald green in contrast to his alabaster white skin. He wears a black officer's suit with gold trimmings, black dress pants and black dress shoes to match. To his side, a Katana scabbard hangs off of him painted with a fantastic gold Chinese dragon slithering down it.

Amano is best described as quiet, but kind. He is a different kind of Mutant, not seeking the end of everything or anything mischievous; it is simply what he became. What he chooses to do is remain a neutral observer in most matters, only interfering when it affects either his personal mission or moves things out of his perceived balance between good and evil. Maybe that is why he is a demon? Because he chooses not to act unless it fits a balance? Because he is a Vampire? Who can say.

In his life, Amano was a Japanese painter and a musician. He played wonderful music and painted amazing portraits of important people in his day, over 2000 years ago. He had no family, but was well respected around Japan for his art and his political views. One night however, he was bitten by a vampire traveling from Europe and staying in Edo. Now, 2000 years later, he has found a new home on Anime Planet.

And that's my in character! As for me, out of character, my name is Robert, I'm 20 years old, I live in Oregon, and I'm going attending Central Oregon Community College in hopes of an Associates in Arts and then on to a Bachelors in English. Meanwhile I play Anime Planet, talk to my lover, and try to find ways to pass the time! I enjoy playing video, board and card games, MUDs, being with friends, having engaging conversations and many, many other things. I really enjoy playing Anime Planet and love to contribute to the game: i am currently working on a Lord (or higher ;D) level QUEST area 9you heard that right!) to challenge the iconic Sector 1 Reactor for fantastic prizes and a challenge you and your party will never forget and hopefully attempt over and over again! Chat with me when I'm on and check out my MySpace at if you want to know more.



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