Queenly Aquafina the Mistress of Carrion


<- That's what Fina used to look like, anyway. After marrying a certain devil, she has fallen into evil. Now a succubus, Fina spends her time toying with other mortals, all the while dressed in the easily recognizable french maid's outfit that appears in nearly every man's fantasy. It's hard to believe that someone once so sweet and innocent could become so wickedly sexy from a simple donning of a black diamond wedding ring.

Fina is one of the two alts that Kemono plays when he's not busy running errands for his higher-ups.

Random Tidbit: Fina is a character from Skies of Arcadia, but some people call me Aquafina. If you do a google search for Fina, the first thing that pops up is…
FINA is the international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming.
… I thought it was interesting in a funny sort of way, anyway.

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