Facts about my anime char:

I am Kujo Hikari (九条ひかり, Kūjō Hikari).
I am from the anime Pretty Cure: MAx Heart.
I have no fighting strength, but i can enhance the power of Cure Black (Nagisa) and Cure White (Honoka) when i transform into Shiny Luminous (シャイニ・ルミナス, Shaini Ruminasu).
I am considered to be the "Life" of the Queen, a part of my spirit that appeared when I (the Queen) as a whole broke up into three parts:
The Heartiels.
The embodiment of my will.
Hikari, who represent mine (The Queen's) life
And the Queen Chairect, her heart.
I have lost all of my abilities and memories from being Queen and i am living as a passive human girl.
I am really good friend with Nagisa and Honoka.


About me iin real life:

I am a 26 years-old woman, with 2 kids and one on its way =)
I play mud a lot and have tons of alts.
I just play anime chars, and only those i love.

Here is my magical transformation:

And here is my main technique: Luminous, Heartiel Action!

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