Hello, I'm Steve. Otherwise known in game as Lachdanan/Spite/Karsa.

A little about me:
I'm 29 years old. I live in the UK. I'm not married and do not have kids :p
I've been playing muds off an on for around 10 years. I've pretty much seen and done everything there is to see and do on a MUD. I've had characters on Anime Planet for so long I cant even remember how many years exactly.

In game you'll probably find me either treasure hunting or hanging around in Hell's Winter clan hall chatting with clannies (who just happen to be the coolest gang of people on AP). Either that or leveling new characters since I'm addicted to the evolution system.

Out of game I spend most of my free time messing around online, I've recently been introduced to facebook, and currently on a mission to "own" all of my friends. I watch a lot of tv shows such as 24, Prison Break, Jericho.. I have a passion for drama shows ( sad I know)

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