Everyone has heard of Roen and his creative, almost artistic killing methods, but only the most devoted of recordkeepers and obsessive of compulsives know his story.

Almost half a decade ago, this trained murderer awoke on this world, unsure on what brought him here, or where he was. All he could remember was his name and the art of killing. As the years went by he became accustomed to his new environment, employing his skills when applicable and creating a name for himself. Upon his awakening he had nothing but the clothes on his back and his familiar weapon, a cursed blade named after the deeds it performs, The Devil's Work. Using his favorite implement of destruction he carved a path of destruction and eventually took up a secondary offensive tool, a curved blade connected to a chain, known to the true weapons afficianado as a Kursarigama. By studying another user of this type of weapon he slowly mastered the art of using it in conjuction with his own already hefty blade. More time past by and the blood that had been spilt would not quench his thirst, a problem that plagued him in the past- in his land.

The insatiable bloodlust caused great conflict within and he began a quest to find a cure. After the beating information out of some of the more famous and powerful magic users and scholars an answer finally presented itself. Using directions told to him by a tortured scholar Roen came into contact with a priestess in a strange church dedicated to some obscure deity whos name started with a G or maybe it ended in a G. Either way the very immodestly attired priestess chanted something in a strange gutteral voice and a second being appeared, a being known as the "Reaper." From what he learned over the past few years of living in this land is that if you encounter this being, you are dead and that is it. However this special audience with the End of Mortality was brought forth by the massive bodycount the stranger had amassed, Roen was given two options that would make his bloodlust seem unnoticeable and thus manageable. One option involved the him forfeiting his life to the Reaper right then, the other was to allow his body to provide a host for some sort of fire being. Obviously the second option was the most compelling choice and upon agreement the Reaper dissappeared into a cloud of thick smoke that burned itself into Roen's wrist, branding him with the Mark of the Reaper. And as for this "fire being," he was to host a youkai, a fire demon. Roen's predisposition for combat made him the ideal host and suddenly he found his talents for warfare incredibly sharpened and his bloodlust was no longer a problem, it was a blessing.

While gaining his bearings as a new found demonic master of combat Roen came into contact with a Demon Overlord of a military group known as [-^-Death Squad-^-]. After being recruited as paying his combat dues as a member of the "Cannon Fodder" unit, Roen was eventually rose in rank to Skull Bearer, one of the top (although not highest) ranks a soldier in [-^-Death Squad-^-] can attain. Being a soldier for this group introduced Roen to a new set of weaponry, the standard issue carbines used by almost every member of the group. Eventually these new lasers grew boring to Roen and he contracted two new guns to be made by the Squad's resident mechanical expert. These two new custom firearms, a revolver and a high caliber handgun. With his custom guns at his disposal he continues to do what he does best, killing.

As of recently for time spent in active duty Roen received another promotion, rising to the rank of "Magic Emperor." Although a confusing rank as Roen uses no magic whatsoever, he likes to think of his "magic" as what he does with his weapons. This new promotion provides him one step closer to being a general of the Squad and thus giving him a new reason to continue the bloodshed.

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