Test "Testy" McTest

So you want to make a personal page about you? This is going to be fun! There are many things you can do with your page. It can be where you tell us about the real you… you know, the one behind the computer! Or you can talk about your character, if you're into roleplaying. You can post pictures of you or your character, too! But before you get too excited, stop! We can't just let you post anything! Of course, pornography isn't allowed. This includes real-life photos AND drawn pictures!


When you pull up the page to begin writing your content and start writing in the box, you'll notice a bunch of buttons. They can be confusing at first, so feel free to orient yourself with the very handy [syntax description page] and the [snippets collection]. There are lots of things you can do with your page when it comes to the actual making of it! However, the main point is to let your fellow AP players get to know you better. This is not a blog or a dating site! All content will be monitored to make sure you obey our simple rules.

You can also upload images to your page and make a gallery to automatically display them! How to do this is on the syntax description page. Continue to bear in mind that what you post is monitored. If you want a private site to post your personal things, get your own wikidot! This is a public community. If an Admin or Moderator decides that something needs to be changed with your bio because it is offensive, they will contact you about it. Rules from the MUD can still apply here - for example, #1 - Admins and Mods are always right. #2 - If an Admin or Mod is wrong, refer to #1.

Please have fun with this! :)

If you have any questions on how to do something, send a note or tell to Fina and he'll help you as best he can.

To begin the process, type in your main character's name below!

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