Greetings fellow AP players :)

So, where to begin, how about the beginning…Akira hooked me on AP years ago once EP went 'down' and it is the only mud I have ever played so I am biased when I say it is cleary the best mud ever :P

I am indebted to both Akira and Qanon (as I knew them before Mazer and Gideon came along) for the countless hours of help and such. IRL they are both cool guys despite us all being from D-town, NC.

Twilo has been here for a while in one form or another however being the first Jedi Council Member is a highlight for sure. Dragons rule for a race and all for all the pain they are in terms of race progression it is well worth the rewards of the status of a Prismatic Wyrm. The Jedi class is also amazing and the combination has exceeded my expectations (love the idea of building your lightsaber!).

As for myself IRL, not sure you would all believe it if I told you. In short I am a research pilot that travels a ton across our great nation (USA) studying whales, dolphins, pollution, etc. Yea, it rocks.

Anyways, I suppose that is all for now. See you on AP!


p.s. DeathSquad ftw

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