Angemon is the Champion form of Patamon. He is a six-winged angel dressed in white and blue clothing. Like many other humanoid-like Digimon, such as Angewomon and Kazemon, his eyes are covered by his helmet and are never seen, giving him the appearance of a blind prophet. With a very strong sense of justice, pride and honor, when faced with lots of evil enemies, it grows even stronger!

Anime Information

Angemon is a very powerful Champion Digimon - his primary attack, the Hand of Fate is very effective against Virus Digimon. Even Myotismon (an Ultimate level Digimon) had been unable to dissipate it, (he had been able to dissipate Ultimate-level attacks from the other Digidestined's Digimon) and Phantomon (another Ultimate Digimon) was completely destroyed by it. Furthermore, in the Digimon Adventure 02 movie, Diaboromon Strikes Back, he and Angewomon were successful in holding back Diaboromon, a Mega level. The only Digimon Angemon is unable to defeat are those who are of the Mega level - namely the Dark Masters and VenomMyotismon - or, interestingly, "fake" digimon made from control spires by Arukenimon. Angemon appears for the first time during the final fight against Devimon. Devimon had already defeated the other six DigiDestined and their partner Digimon, and when he attempted to grab T.K., Patamon jumped in front of T.K. and finally Digivolved into his Champion form Angemon. In a final desperate attempt to defeat Devimon, Angemon sacrificed himself. Angemon was reborn as a Digi-Egg, eventually hatching to become Patamon again.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills % chance
MagnaAngemon 105 + < 20 3000 10
Seraphimon 150 + < 10 4500 7
Azulongmon 190 - 250 < 10 6000 3


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