Boomers come in many shapes and sizes, dependent on the jobs for which they are required. Produced mainly by the Genom Corporation, Boomers serve as maids, waiters, bodyguards, store mannequins, and military weapons. Some, like the Sexaroid model of Boomer, have gained sentience and developed minds of their own, but most are simply machines. Boomers are capable of appearing human, whether male or female, but tend to 'burst' out of their synthetic skin in combat situations, revealing their true selves - giant, metallic killing machines armed with built-in lasers, machine guns, and arm blades capable of cleaving through a fire hydrant.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills Nkills %
Rogue Boomer 175 - 250 2500 <5 3
True Boomer 200 - 275 5000 0 5000 3
Sexaroid 175 - 250 < 5 2500 2
Pretender 200 - 275 0 5000 5000 2


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