An Autobot who has travelled far and learned a lot during their voyage can gain the rank of Leader. Most leaders have a "Prime" suffix to their name, the most famous of these being Optimus Prime.

Even though they might have the name "Prime," this doesn't guarantee that the Leader will have the Matrix. Many Primes in Cybertronian history have simply gained the title due to military feats and as a form of honor to their service to the Autobot cause.

Leaders have extraordinary abilities that push them ahead of all other Autobots around. They are among the largest of the Autobots, second only to Matrix Templars in the single Autobot category.

Should a leader show a unique link to the Matrix, they may become a Matrix Templar.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills % chance
Matrix Templar 225 + 0 10000 1


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