A race of cat-like humanoids known as Neko are capable of both melee combat as well as magical combat. These feline creatures are known for their playfulness and their carefree lifestyle. Other than being a human, a newbie may just as easily succeed as a Neko.

Nekos are the typical anime-style catpeople. Their appearance varies, but typically display their feline heritage in some form, anything from a simple pair of cat ears and a tail to being almost completely cat-like with little human influence.

Depending on how a Neko decides to live his or her life, it can evolve into two different styles. Feral, who rely more on their animalistic tendencies, and Enchanted, who prefer to learn and study rather than fight.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills Nkills % chance
Feral 175 - 225 5000 < 5 3
Weretiger 200 - 325 10000 0 0 1
Enchanted 175 - 225 < 5 5000 3
Sphynx 200 - 325 0 10000 0 1


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