Saiyans are a proud, arrogant, strong, and naturally violent race. They strive to become the best that they can be through rigorous training both mentally and physically. They have surpassed the most athletic humans in the peak of their strength. Most Saiyans have learned to channel their own energy or 'Ki' into ranged attacks. As they get angry, they gain power. When they gain power, you don't want to be standing in their way. When they get angry the get very strong. It is said that a Saiyan can surpass this power that they have achieved when they are near death, but not many have lived to say what this new being is.

Saiyans have a naturally higher strength than a lot of different species, essentially built for fighting. The naturally high gravity of Planet Vegeta develops their strength further, making them considerably strong at young ages. Even the weakest among Saiyans are capable of conquering most planets alone. Saiyans possess vast physical strength which ranges from lifting dozens to thousands of tons(depending on the power level of the saiyan), and they also have been shown as strong enough to punch, knock people straight through hundreds of meteres of solid objects ( walls ,buildings , ground), they can even rip through metal with minimum effort . Through tough training, Saiyans are able to reach new levels of power, and the more intense the training and fights they go through, the stronger they become. Though even low class Saiyan warriors easily outmatched humans and some weaker Namekians (as shown in the beginning of the Saiyan Saga), Saiyans as a whole were considered weak though by the standards of Freeza's elite forces. As well as superior strength, saiyans can move incredibly fast, moving and fighting at speeds greater than the human eye can follow. Even without any transformation, Saiyans are fast enough to catch bullets and easily move faster than conventional vehicles, moving well in excess the speed of sound.

Due to their high metabolism, which enables them to generate much more power than other races, Saiyans must consume enormous amounts of food. However, their extreme desire to eat seems to go beyond necessity, and is a character quirk all Saiyans share. As a child, Goku once downed a 57 course meal at a restaurant. This is not restricted only to full-blooded Saiyans, as even Gohan has been seen eating like a hog

Next Evo Level Range Bkills Deaths % chance
SSJ1 125 + 1000 10
SSJ2 175 + 2000 5
SSJ3 200 + 4000 3
SSJ4 225 + 8000 1
Legend 225 + 10000 0 1


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