Seraphimon is a Seraph Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Seraph, the first rank of angels. He is one of the three Celestial Digimon, and is an extremely powerful angel. Along with the other Celestial Digimon, he protects the "Kernel" of the Digital World. After ages of fighting evil, one Seraphimon managed to attain its real, and astonishing level.

Anime Information

Seraphimon was the one who brought Tai to the Digital World so he could help him and the other good Digimon fight Daemon. He lives in Holy Angel Castle and along with Whamon, governs the Digital World. Daemon is said to be a fallen Seraphimon, and ShadowSeraphimon is a fusion of Seraphimon's data and the evil Mercuremon.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills % chance
Azulongmon 190 - 250 < 10 6000 3


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