Sexaroids are endoskeletal, just like the C-Series Boomer Women, but they are so human that they can pass medical examinations. This, plus the highly advanced artificial intelligences, means that the Sexaroid's status as machines is the most open to question if they are to be considered humans. Sexaroids, with an artificial blood supply, are maintenance-free, except when severly damaged. In this conditition, human blood can take the place of the artificial blood, but this forces the Sexaroid to kill in order to continue to live. These Sex Boomers were made illegal because of their ability to interface easily with various superweapons. And having Boomers manufactured exclusivly for sex is also illegal, although this aspect of the BU-33S would just have driven up the price, had they not been discontinued because of the interfacing "problem". However, Sexaroids can be dangerous as well as mesmerize people with whom they make eye-contact.

Next Evo Level Range Gkills Ekills Nkills %
Pretender 200 - 275 0 5000 5000 2


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