The following are the rules implemented into Anime Planet, to be followed by mortals and Immortals alike. Failure to do so will result in consequences on both parties, so no one is spared. Keep this in mind: the rules are in place so the game can have as much order amongst the players as possible. Please pay attention not only to the letter of the law (how they're read), but also to the spirit (what does the Staff mean by this rule). Failure to read the rules in advance is NOT an excuse for your attitude.

Rule #1: The MUD you are playing on is free.
~ Keep this in mind when complaining. Not only do the Immortals deserve your respect, but you should feel they have earned it as well by providing you with a place to enjoy being. The word of an Immortal is the law. If you do not listen to them, you will be punished.

Rule #2: Multiplaying is illegal.
~ This means you are not allowed to have more than one character on at the same time, no matter what. Having one character logged in, but linkdead, then logging another character, is still considered multiplaying and will be taken as such. If you are on a network connection, and as a result have the same internet signature as your sibling or friend, you will be questioned about it. If you calmly explain the situation, everything will be made clear and you may go about playing with the other person, keeping in mind not to take advantage of this. If you are caught multiplaying and say you are on a network, lying about such a thing, you will be deleted.

Rule #3: Botting is illegal.
~ This means that triggers are not allowed to be set up in order to keep you from being at the computer. This includes anything from triggers to keep you online to triggers to prompt you when you have a quest so you can watch TV and come back when your timer is up. Anything of the explained sort will result in a severe setback to what you were using the triggers to do. An example of this: use of a trigger to kill for you will result in your character being set to a negative kill range.

Rule #4: Mob stealing is illegal.
~ If another player is attacking a NPC, you are not allowed to kill it. This holds true even if the NPC is a quest mob you are after. In most cases, if you ask the player to flee so you can kill it, they will, though they are not required to. It is considered polite to not attack any mobs in a room if there was a person already in it, although it is not punishable.

Rule #5: Use the appropriate channels when speaking.
~ This means that you should use FLAME for swearing, OOC for general discussion, GAME for game talk, etc. Use your best judgment on channels. If you are asked to move your conversation to another channel by an Immortal, do so immediately.

Rule #6: Do not bash on the work that other people have put into the game.
~ This means that constructive criticism to help make the MUD a better pace is fine, but saying that the MUD is horrible or that the new skill/spell/etc added is stupid is not fine. Step lightly because the more bashing, the less work gets done, and eventually, you and everyone else will have no MUD left at all to enjoy.

Rule #7: Player killing has its own set of rules.
~ Be sure you are up to date on them, as they may change without a global notice. To see the list of PK rules, refer in-game to the PKILL helpfile.

Rule #8: Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is NOT tolerated here.
~ Harassment by definition is as follows: Offensive conduct and or words that are used to persist in irritating and/or tormenting a target. If you feel that you are being harassed, kindly ask the person to stop. If this does not succeed, attempt to ignore the person. Should neither have any effect, contact the Immortals to seek for a better solution. We are striving for a fun environment to play in and harassment will not be accepted. The punishment for harassment is severe.

Rule #9: Use an appropriate name.
~ This is a rather self-explanatory rule, but it basically means that you should not pick a name that would be viewed as offensive. Someone who fails to follow this rule will result in the character being deleted.

Rule #10: Do not pester Immortals.
~ Use your best judgment on what should be considered pestering. If you don't, the Immortals will make the judgment for you. Remember, #1 - Immortals are always correct. #2 - If the Immortal is wrong, refer to #1.

Rule #11: Ask the other mortals before asking an Immortal.
~ Before asking for an Immortal's assistance, ask your fellow mortals. They are often able to answer your question not only correctly, but much faster than you could from an Immortal since they are normally busy. If you have a problem that a mortal could not solve, then you may ask an Immortal to assist you, as long as you make sure beforehand.

Rule #12: Do not advertise for other MUDs.
~ This is a disrespectful act. Do not sign on to this MUD and begin promoting another MUD that you play. We understand that there are lots of MUDs out there, but we choose to play this one. As a result, advertisements are not appreciated, and punishment for breaking this rule is left up to the Immortals.

Rule #13: Report bugs you find, do not abuse them.
~ If you find a bug during your play time, note it to the Immortal Staff. Abuse of a bug will result in severe punishment, possibly even character deletion. At the same time, reporting a bug often results in a reward for doing the right thing.

Rule #14: You are only allowed 3 charmed followers, no more.
~ Caught with four or more in your group and you will be placed in jail for a day or longer. There is no reason to have that many, and this is merely preventing the cluttering of junk NPCs from loitering about.

Rule #15: Do not spam channels.
~ If you are caught spamming ANY channel, you will lose your channel privileges. The duration of the punishment will be directly related to the history of the player being punished.

Rule #16: Racist comments are not allowed.
~ For no reason should they be brought forth on any channel. Punishment for breaking this rule will be harsh.

Rule #17: Check the rules often.
~ In most cases, you will be noted if there is a change in the rules, but it is not required of the Immortals to do you this favor. Failure to be up to date with the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Rule #18: These rules are subject to change.
~ As stated in the opening paragraph, you need to follow both the letter and the spirit of the law. Your presence here is a privilege; one that can be taken away at any point in time. Please do not do anything that would force the Immortals to do anything so rash.

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